Ah yes today we're back with the game that youguys have been asking for this is live there at IL letter e 0 liver . i oh sobasically your snake and um it's like the game a guard at IL but, I'm visittwist so it's like that, except um and said itdoesn't matter how big you are you if you run into another sneak youautomatically not yeah so whatever first tried this hetried to eat everybody and he was like why, am i dying anytime your head touchesthe body of another snake or worm or whatever it is yeah.

You you turn into. A little energyballs and but if somebody runs them to you may even get their energy yeah your mask they can be the biggestone in. The game and you could be the smallest one and you can still take themout Evans got his name there to be cheesyand. Sleep two one go here's a guide for you to get theclassic 70 colors yellow there's, one like that so we have to gomr. USA don't want to take out mr., us and wait a bit oh there he goes so growingoh he took out another one to you you know my step bro night AMERICA AMERICA yeah lagging oh, it's over he stole my stuff going totry wrapping run don't fall into, a trap oh and again No so close we needed to curve a littlemore okay with oh no dear Roy yeah I don't fall into those traps thebig guys can trap you by circling around like that. Way again Evans a baby again trying to grow that's all, you're trying to do just tryto get big help oh look at that big daddy overthere yeah 10 haha now read it read it we, do thissoon all right Evans using the zoom how doyou get. The zoom thing i'm not a plug-in that other means to act that you can geton the on. The chrome register yeah so normally it looks like this andyou really can't see the big guys that come out of the blue happen but withthis.

You can zoom out and look at you can see pretty much. Everything some people say it's cheating not if itis available for people who want to try to do ok ok so try and get in, there oh I'm i wasgetting there oh no that person's getting wrappedaround this guys trap what is that try to find in and t helper oh no this is google oh yeah. Mind you gotta play aggressively andnolana all, night I want to try everybody this world Oh Jay dock with them yes I got this guy great you got the smallest guy in thegame yeah yeah lawyer yeah yeah okay we're, gonna find the rest Uncle Sam Donald Trump look at that Cyclops slam Oh try, to do a little maneuver on yeahhe did didn't he having cut you off. But repeated cuttingyou off on the three way I think it's time to get in there and start takingout the big boys yep okay on screen Jack accepted Oh mmm.

You going to try to cut me off, I can't get them know looking around oh no this and be sure you can get him all I want him no you didn't get anotherguy got him. Out of gas . feeling all this have been playing.

The 17 game oh I love my flight again I wasstretching my honor you cannot stretch your arm when youplay this you, must remain focus s game okay my turn to try this okay here weare I'm just a little baby all right how doyou. Control this i'm eating bring our if you go fast useyour mask making smaller all right so you can do a little warpbut you do some, of your mat worm who was an earth we got a friend warm boo and make themturn them into work boo oh, um and number three Donald pump thebrakes, you need money to attack us look at this unions money attacks oh oh yeah I gothim but I missed him making friends can put the screen access a quick oh yes you're, big how much, we have whatI 1520 tow this mouse is too slow honey we need five hundred thousand ifyou want to go to top so I messed up that when i click, on thescreen and it made it all small so we're going to try that again look up oh that the game and. That's me yeah oh yeah i think it try and steal that did you have over athousand for, now last person is 10,000 we get that much. Oh you're gonna have two thousand thiswinter than me I'm gonna do the trap myself I don't know if i can help it whoa fell into my trap we have three thousand you. Might be ableto make it to the. Talk oh it's a race is a race oh my god yeah maybe chat be ready till he got take itout. Thanks to save this you may want to send to you want to think that oh thank you daddy to save you the trip gray everyone. For himself 2000 we 10kdid almost there 10k whoo he did it what did it right on myonboard work we're not there yet it will be there inthree thousand one okay. We gotta set some traps for somepeople Oh little purple do try to get me oh yougot taken out candy cane. Ok game key get a trap can game no no no no goaround this was getting stuck for a second what. Would help finger. – oh my god thatsniper sneaks neighbor Oh up a little dude youtry to get me always still trying to go for it that's not a FLIR you, have right yeah one oh no my thanks rose oh good thing yeah run right into me my head protected yeah oh yes we're numbers, and that all rightwe are on the board we are top 10 I mean I get to number 1right why yeah here we got, bad ski that oh sure to get a yeah like the paint thetarget.

All right so these little guys aretrying to get me a few close calls I don't think, he feels different withoutany powerful rise up on the board without jacksepticeye we have to find another big boy Oh going on with business all these aredangerous we. Go for a meal for number nine of ourwarriors yeah little. Babies trying to get let's go back in for some action what I was playing with online with myfriend you know that, yeah and I I i just made my god food andI kept going into him. You guys cheated Yankee got not linkedto the top 10 I just kept I can. I don't get treatedthat's so fun is winding getting a lot of mass and then just planning to getall day killed by a baby you call, it comes to work on by it although freed up and starts that dude is trying to get. Me mm well the professor yeah but you're in and addto somebody else when you ran into something I want to do spicy, well you know he's in the trap I'm justtrying to get out I don't know, welcome you live in movies but you know kind ofpointed out how a solo again – I'm, going down buddy but you even worth it so small goodbye credo I'm gonna move up in the rankings yes we. Did number eight all right we arenumber eight we're almost 19 k not if you want to getto number 1 like 19 k you can do it but I don't know we got to get. This guy always so big noteven if i get that he's not even on the top and you. Will be if it gets us I don't think I'm gonna be able to trapthem these pretty long yes be trying to track. Somebody else Oh dad oh oh oh I just want you to look downthere come here gazillions. Of one more set ofsmall before they're ready it is we could try, to take them out yeah oh my god mom got for speeding for speedand got my background 80 100 i use your body why do. You need and zagging that's howyou get big in this game you gotta take out the. Big boys oh japanese japanese oh we're number sixand two moving on my bad yet I love you get more community comes in abig. I got taken out oh no no he had buddy me boo yes number three all right so we got tonumber. Three on this one not too bad I don't know you guys want to see moreof this, yes we're gonna have to practice we're going to stop this for today andmaybe we'll try this again this is a pretty fun, game and we'll see you guysnext time ye .