Yeah slither you eat to go longer so is itlike snake but like an adorable snake because that thing in the corner looksadorable I want to see a Pixar movie starring. ItI think this is kind of like AG REO but like I think you’re. A snake in a gar doyou weren’t allowed to attack the people who were bigger than you this literal you can oh my god i playthose games so often my mom tried to, keep me from playing it when i’m doinghomework I’m, supposed to be doing homework we’regonna have you played a bunch of rounds and then see if you can make it onto theleaderboard let’s hope I’m just gonna be confidentlike I’m going to try,. I doubt i’ll get on that later bird but i’ll try i’m down okay let’s play I swear to god I’ll geton the leader word so to, get started just type in a nickname nickname ok like any nickname could be anythingteam Slytherin so you know my house my, harry potterhouse Salazar’s lothario Wilson is back Anna the destroyer because I’m gonna destroy you Tori with multiple eyes. Cause it’s like moreexcited it’s like Tori Kanye 2020 will be on the leaderboard oh I’m just a cute little worm ok oh socute ok, eat the dots I like this so far it’spretty easy it feels real simple haven’t killedanyone yet i’m just, eaten he tried to attack me oh I was a fail i love how this looks like a. Worm andnot a snake ok no no no oh my god how is he, goingfast when you hold down the mouse you go fast ok so space department to go faster, Ithink that you press base body also lose points as well does that like take away my score yeahwhen I don’t know why people would speed.

Boosts shoot i need to find an isolatedone come here Congo I’m not gonna oh ok so ican’t touch them because I die so ideas somehow trap them, without touching them ok we’re going to do, this I want to seemyself on at least number 10 and faster faster reflexes oh my gosh no, no I diet you can find aplace where there’s like a bunch of steaks oh my gosh talk I almost ran intome i, wish if he dies and who like burst andI can eat him oh look at that I was too competitive I want to get at least ten thousand i’mshooting for the stars here, little boy leave home what oh yes thank you my friend they killed him. It’s look at the personthat killed me died so that thing has 1i Jesus and my friends did I, break it but no I took my hand offthe mouse and you never take your hand off, the mouse or someone just died bunch of free . for me you’re pretty good up to oh my god iwill get my score and he. Didn’t see them that’s so annoying it’s so simple you just eat and grow that’s like what Ido, in real life though let’s go let’s go double kill fight me three dots oh my god he tried to get me. So i snaked him rightback I’m so happy about that. Oh ok well I gota little excited there oh ok we found some there’s the glowythings someone died here so i’m going to pickup all that remains. Now yes yes we’re getting big Oh got you you’re out. Got you europe God you leds cool with all the dots no no no wait I killed him yes I feelgood no I killed, it my God he’s so long whatI’m like waiting so i can go passing did the Jesus Christ oh oh my god there’s so many oh and that guy – I’m getting too, hypedright now oh my garden whole I think I’m screwed Ithink I’m actually, screwed no no that’s so cheap ah ok Wow there. Is there’s no way out of thatlonger than them but how can i use in my advantage I’m wondering if like you trap them andthen like they have no choice. But to like they’re stuck there so maybe that’swhat gives me boys yes yes yes yes yes yeah yeah what areyou gonna, do yes that’s exactly what you’re gonna doyeah. Yeah one comes with a run into me yes I didit okay it’s bad to be murder but not so badbecause i don’t like snakes stainless stay in that mmm i’m killingeverybody on the server right, now No Goryeo you know if you’re the biggestone you’re basically going to win automatically but when it comes to this anyone can, buy, any given moment in anytime and now I’m just oh that was really close I can’t take myeyes away oh I’m so slow. But everyone is biggerthan me this is like elementary school all overagain also high school Oh Frederick huh yes ok this guy just died give me everythingshoot Oh No ok oh my god two of them. Just died oh oh he.

Died oh my god everyone’s dying this game of thrones oh I got him this is getting me wow that was close she’s getting know every, to him I’m getting selling into it no no no nogoogle. No thing it for Kim red white and blue snake I need to stop being so nice thank allof them play their game you know I, need to get on that leaderboard ok so i have a hungry has 25,000 so Ijust need to do 25 times better than what, i did last time hey I’m languageupset that guy I mean if it is him. I slither into herDNA’s that’s hilarious props for that right there not that’swhat 100, these nuts it’s a pretty good one oh yes oh my gosh no these guys are good it’s funny toimagine though. Every time you kill someone there’s probably like anotherkid on the other side cursing at you maybe I can’t rap like all these oh no this islikely satisfying part of this games that you start all over again. Becausethen it’s like wow I worked all that for nothing all right determined i need to.

Go tokill some people that will help me grow faster that way to go slow becausethey’re going to, eat me haha alright I just need to do that like10 more times, and I get on the leaderboard I think a big one just died becausethere’s so oh my god I’m in heaven right now got it let’s go we’ll set is back oh.

Shoot I killed twoout once i’m such a player coming coming to come in yeah I’m likingit but now. Now now I’m getting so big ok how much biggerdrive to get to get on the leaderboard, because I’m getting really big now ok i’m at 6,000 and lets you leaderboardstarts. At eleven thousand so i just got to be scared of all these reallyaggressive snakes that’s actually kind of difficult. When you have a bunch oflike erratic snakes everywhere trying to kill you, I might stick up for the littleguy right here I don’t know if I’m long enough oh I amall oh my god i thought, i was a very saveyou I save you now get out of here yes ok 69 215. And 15 now huh ok no no I was almost a thousand isgonna end badly now I just wanted to win oh it, was worth it oh ok that scared me there was a smallsnake heading straight frat for like right at my face and on the leaderboardI’m number nine anything could. Happen now and i’m noteven I’m 12 I’m 12 now all I want, is top 10 and obvious super satisfied Wilson isthe bend first agario now slowly erode the comics with them Oh oh all right up to like, 4,000 know howhard this game this game I feel like all these people aretargeting me now and they just need to leave me alone damn this. Is so stressful stop we got a dastard I so mad I was it.

-well I wasn’t too i was almost on the leaderboard I have a red snake in there so the redsnakes he’s gonna try eating that, but that’s okay oh shoot the fall of an empire I deserved it I’m, sure feel like someonewho’s ever played it’s like really good i strive for excellence. I think that’s like definitely more funthan a guardian actually prefer this one a little bit more over AG re oh there’smore strategy and you’re cool colorful snakes instead. Of colorful cells it’seven better when you’re playing against other people instead of. Just like acomputer-generated villain I have an addiction man and I want toget on the top 10 if you guys ever see Salazar Salazar do. In the top 10 you’ll know who it is thanks forwatching us play sleuth 30 here on the react channel what more gaming episodes that hit, thatlike button what other games that you hungry for put. Them in the comments it’s got a newgaming episodes every week hi guys I’m gonna. Slit their way ok .