All right what’s going on youtube loginto slither IL or slippery yellow I don’t think that’s how you pronounce thatsounds like if someone made a serial that was just worms it be slippery owesI’m going to pour, me some slippery o’s cereal its litter I owe any way you may haveseen, this by now on another channel it’s like a guitar I oh except your snakes adifference here is that I, even the smallest little snake can stop thebiggest one if you. Just just running it that’s bad if i miss you don’t want todo that you die so that’s how the game works. Lots ofinnuendo opportunities here but i’m not going to be a dick about it actually I am this, is a perfectopportunity to use my my night nickname sparkly dick to play the game sparkly banana mm I mean I can’t besparkling day oh my god that’s big oh my god that’swhat she said can you run into. Your side it can’t runinto myself yet you are shimmer and see that’s bad that’s what you don’t, want todo but, that was just a demo for science because i’m actually a professional atthis game only played it once or twice but I’m a really good alright dude i’m basically number one inthe world now ranked number 1 195 length, I don’t know I don’t know what the linkwill be what. Units are these lengths are they are they miles am, I gonna be the size of the galaxywhen I win this all number one is 18,000 oh my nevermind amount number one. ButI’m whatever dude all right dude let’s let’s try to find some other day I feellike I’ve been, told that some remnants of a dead dead snake right there oh my igotta be careful well that’s like a king, snake or coralsnake one is one is that you’re right oh my god did you see that loop. The bestyou just did so if you click you do a little bit of aspeed boost oh my god that guy just darted away so gnarly some people like this goal you’re you’rebig you’re. Big in right there whoa oh oh you ve just is gonna feast on theguts of his enemies all, also many guts to feed on oh my gosh ohmy gosh it’s so big, I’m so big that’s what she said that iswhat she said let’s just. Slither well my house I’m 18 million long that’s what that is go go go oh I mustfeast on everything Wait Wait Wait Wait Wait know Gotye okhe’s going to, get he’s gonna get that’s fine that’s fine dude that’s fine it’sjust slither in front of people what. If I box to do din what if I boxthem all in with my length and everyone is trying, to cut me up when you get thisbig everyone just wants to feast on you yetwho whoa there whoa I almost got cut off by. A teeny little guy that would havesucked can see I can’t remember what is it, what’s the what’s the saying fromlike jeff corwin it’s red after whoa Oh No oh I was so big I was you oh wow what a dick literally all rightnot bad two, already we’re up to 400 i’m notgoing to purposely die this time just, to change my name because everything isgoing well just cut someone off you know let’s just cut someone off Ireally need to do that, because I’m just like a guy oh I’ll just be losing massif. I’m not if I’m not cutting people off I’m just losing mass oh you are a bigguy right there you’re actually you’re. Probably just about the size of what Iwas last time. Because everything sort of like I just wanted to come on yeah Nico I’m just here I’m so sorry I’mso sorry Nico I. Had to just do a little below dude it was itwas all it was all in good fun man found no, hard feelings looking pretty big and if i could feaston his rainbow guts like oh god I got thread some needles here I got thread so. Always backfire yourplan backfired so hard on you dude your, plan just move the floor all god I wastrying to be I got to be careful on that one and to, become 0 so what you got oh mygod that was almost a collision oh why did I do that but i do that iforgot that i forgot the he can cross over himself. But i can’t, cross over himi was just like I’m going to zoom right through them let’s put it let’s put it l right therelet’s put it all and then capitalize the now are we. Doing sparkly been come on man your filter isway too strict ok yo dawg yo dawg i heard you like gummyworms oh my god.

Oh my dog Oh boosting. Uses your fuel oh now I get it yeah this is interestingi never thought i’d do this says the today’s longest you’ve, got to 37,000what no no not thirty seven thousand three hundred and seventy two thousandare you just the size of the entire board yeah that’s what I thought that’s, what Ithought but let me just let me just eat that stuff all right let’s just get some of thisyeah oh boy he tried to trace. His own tail thereshould be doing homework it’s alright us a nobody like some work nobody like somework let’s get. This let’s get this i’m just going to feaston the spoils of victory and then annoy you by the killing. You come on hey get back here get back i’malmost 800 which. Is close to where it was before not really it’s like half of where i wasbefore it was yeah but, anyway there you go by there yet Oh God darn itdang it okay, you’re dead I was like no dude you can’t out snakeyou can’t out snake a professional snake er do. It okay I just love this quote in the upperleft-hand corner it’s like this dude just won the national champion how didyou have 200 bajillion thousand the us’s name is don’t kill me oh ho you thought, you had me thereuh-huh he just didn’t he didn’t he justaccepted his face like. It’s cool i’m out i’m doing my school that’s fine don’t worry yeah wait aminute wait a minute what do we want to do we. Wanna do you want to stake him oh I’ve made a terrible mistake what did you do that why, did he do that he just he just went right for them youdidn’t watch where you’re going it’s. Suicide juke to me he was like, Idon’t care about myself I just want this sparkly banana did ahi’m gonna i got it oh my god he sacrificed himself hesacrificed too I can’t.

Believe that oh oh yeah oh yeahwe get some more of that let me let me come back for seconds o.o968 in just in just a minute wait if, you feel the burn you got you got atwo way of it with me hey hey come back a week, is most definitely more than i’mjust going to feast on everyone’s old-school spoils here all right thankyou so much we’re, all ready to go back to boobsbigger than where we were last time oh do we don’t have a 30,000. Anymore sayteen that we are 30,000 dude I oh my god it must. Have just been split across awhole bunch of people ok i’m still just this quote is up there, yay this is in ER and like it you canyou imagine someone someone wins the Olympics about the reporter, goes up to to talk to themlike Oh what do you what do you think of your victory. Here sir well hey this is very interesting inever thought that i do this yep that’s all i have to say that washis victory speech and I have your guts please, yeah there we go thank you I I was kind of mean that waskind of mean but I was I was like that’s worth. Expending all that mask is nowthat was investment well you this is a great game for forlike figuring out, your investment portfolio right like it’s a good. Game itdemonstrates that there is a risk reward with doing everything you know. Like withthat if I just go like that and just box this dude in a little by little he’sskin it be in trouble oh well this is a bit of a situationwe’ve got our fancy just did okay how are, you gonna do this so youdid have we could figure this one out. Right out there we go i was like.

This isall right there we go now I i gained I see that was investment i boosted inorder to get, around him and then we came out ahead that was a good play on his part andshe’s like I’m just oh boy we’re figuring out, the strategy that wegot it we got to just use the boost to our advantage can encapsulate and trapthe little owe me Lord mean Lord all mean large estate so many. Things oh this is so good give it all to me give me all your memesthat sounds so stupid to say but, I just give me all, your means please all of your names are belong to be thishow dank dank oh my goodness oh my goodness how biggerwe were.

At 4,000 we are ranked 56 on here we got to be careful though now we gottabe careful we’re at target we got, a moving target on our back and this isgonna get real sketchy it’s gonna get real. Sketchy here in abit as soon as people start finding they’re gonna be like oh this guy herewe go let’s just got this dude does not want to be devoured. He’s like I’ve never seen a snake thisbig in my life oh man this is scary i’m. Going to i have there could bepeople just running, into the bed of me and I wouldn’t even know about it I wonder if that’s what happens when youjust run into like some. Floating ectoplasm out there is it’s like Ohsomeone ran into a big snake big snake didn’t even realize it like that 22,000dude i bet you could run into ninety, percent of his is snake and he wouldn’teven know that you ran into. His snake he’d be like I didn’t feel that on mysnake only feel it, on my snake it’s more sensitive closer to the tip of my snake so that’s only when I, realize it thereso you know that’s that’s how it goes OH USA us here we go here we go here we goUSA Thank You USA you were good luck you’regood luck but i’m going to have to devour. You later oh yes oh yes oh we r 5400 we are fivethat and then and. Then this dude he’s going down read it already. Boosted out read itboosted out of there man I want you to ok well there’s dang itread it. No man man red it’s got the taxes ism in in play here he’s going totry to go for a cut off here in just a moment probably whoop, I can’t do it I can’t do it dang ittrying to catch him but then advantages here we. Go here’s what here’s your urinetrouble you’re in trouble blood your trouble just just accept your fate justaccept your faith that’s all just accept it accept, thatit’s come down to this is that unless this other dude unless someone elsecomes in for a kill here all right all. Right what’s going on how’s it going to playout as gonna eat some more active plasm what is called i’m just calling, it that just give up. Just give it up and thencircle of death it’s getting closer it’s getting closecircuit oh god someone else is gonna be there. Wego there we go USA what are you doing what are you doing there USA I’mprotected, because i’m inside myself that’s what that’s how this works right5600 that did not give me as much as I had hoped it would but if i could. Get you serve us a youknow no you don’t you don’t steal my USAthat’s my country that’s, my country that to take the stufffrom ok you don’t steal my USA were over 6,000now we’re number 32 god that’s still not that high up Idon’t know if the shimmery, ones give you the move around like they give. You maybe a little bit more can you imagine if someone likes pondright in front of your. Face and and it just a tiny little one and then you diedall he was close USA USA we got battle a. Battle USA vsUSA the captain america civil war here and this dude’s name is boss I don’t we want to play this one out huh Alaskan bull worm now that’s actuallygood name, an old spongebob reference right thereyeah that’s pretty good so very. Large I wonder how big you couldget if all you did was eat the active plasma I mean theoretically as long asyou want to just take. A long long the time ok you got to just be, carefulhere I just be careful as we were going forthis we’re going for the loop and death here ladies, and gentlemen air travel is a loop in the fact thatthis is the best this is the best i love doing this andyou’re also like a really safe from the outside because everyone else would, likehave to run into your, you’re outside in order day you know how he’s in troublehe didn’t travel oh boy i love this i love it i love itis going oh my god. Oh my god I’ve got to get Luke to, death myself nope nope nope nope you wanted to you wanted to do that hewanted to go for the. Loop of death but it’s not happening that today I’ve lost a lot of mass by doing this ohno I thought it was at like five thousand ok nope nope nope he is really this. Dude isholding on for dear life ok nope I don’t think so, thank you no I don’t think so give me all thatactive oh yes he did he couldn’t he couldn’t handle the loop of death. Rightthere all right and now we are ah you want toloop to death me it’s not happening because i’m going to devour so much certainly 500 and we we, make it out ofthere no problems no pride yeah you, knowyou’re gonna try to eat that I don’t think so no proof oh oh no oh no that was so good it was so good to just like the biggestsparkly, Nick ever probably was the biggest sparkly dick honestly no, oneelse named sparkly dick probably ever get that long we’re even played the game before oh mando that’s and. I guess we’re going to end our first run on slither slither Riocheerios cereal with that one but we’ll come back, for more so thanks for watching everyone i hopeyou enjoyed they should like he likes subscribe more videos and I’ll see younext time yeah .