Previously on easton gamer TV whoo hey and No now leasing game on TV oh my gosh i'm a huge absolutely yeah today i am playing one of my favoritegames slip your IO and I call, myself a newtheory then haha play online I'm pas purple oh my gosh we, worked forthousand a lot more like a total know already ok we're sticking to slavery and yeahand my favorite color hopefully this will give me look, my tactic is to get lots like notactually that many get, some of them LOL . mass oh and then charge the big guys you can easily, get them with a locksince you can boost oh that was close that was close that was very very closeto the big guys not like him we need like the big wide ones, we're all mmm you get past 12 oh hello people No oak you try again one final your. Rank ok hundred twenty oh ok come on we need to get huge that's my goal of this video to get huge, oh oh yes may the god all right, all the easy the second third or four to get to me the little guy well no I nearly killed myself come on Oh no I think I call. I'm actually gonna getit OH oh wow you. Really trying not to God are you really yeah he's so oh yeah ok I wouldn't who should i get I allnight I want to try and get that guy. I want to try and get that guy or shouldit be hidden we need to be him slithering eastern yes oh no, you're not normal normal normal thank you very muchoh oh no mmm oh you tryna jerk me off, not work so if you traps that warm way okay well I, need to get a big got thereis what we need to do we'll start would like these medium sized guys likethis one No it was very tasty no malicious what rights come on, come on need to get to. Be like 20 3468 . one guywhose name is nothing literally his name is nothing lo que trauma and/or yeah oh thank you.

Thank you they do then if you want to eat I'll but no no oh haha older oh my G well how much is that thesame person and luckily this isn't me so I'll. Takethe assessments and, you'll take them on Wow come on come on with an engine six nearly got power you will need five guys we need to findbig guys come on among moon where you at why you act I need to. At least get in the top 10 atleast in the top Ted Oh yes. Please yes Queen oh my gosh you thank you thank you comeagain. Mmm very delicious no no murmur oh that's just hard who both wereconstructed that person Oh, oh look look at all that I should know mm-hmm what just vary the burn well mom I just need to get 10,000 andover away 5,000 hmm well somebody please getscoped out the park. Scope out the talk sort out the park nope yet I like dead end likened do I want to get this guy everyone's going, to get after the guycalled your dad but he's not really miss you No oh, no not on up oh. It's locking on that big it's working oh who could be could be in for asurprise don't destroy the dream white men don'tdestroy, the dream statement yeah No thank you just need to wait this they bless you No mom No home 9000 Oh no way all the closest of closeness I nearlykilled myself hmm a, thousand nearly got 10,000 can reallybe in the top 10 already this is a wonderful who 10,000 Oh my gosh Oh hmm, Oh oh who nearly destroyed the dream oh my gosh I really got. Owned I was losing a lot of lessons by theminute you really think. You're gonna go looklike boa constrictor me man I don't think so huh no way no way theaction night stand a chance sir or not come on ten thousand and get the yeah thank you get, a trick me probably not oh my god so close to becoming the top you trying are you actually trying, are you actually trying to try me what oh my, gosh i'm a huge absolutelymassive yes so this is called snake 14,000. Oh goon snakes gone listen very yummy mm nope no gate which is nope why is a little guy trying to get me. Did the banging to me left rights hahacenter oh no Mama nominated all up Oh Benson being silent concentrate in somebody who has 42 14,000 died justyou. Please get out the park blue like 11 or 410 screaming notice that the guys up oh yes what time purpose burmese, in the top dead yay 9 we'll have a pass No cause we've actually donate oh ok if I die I'd ok oh my, gosh you're acting so much howbusy how big is it who Oh yeah and oh we didn't go Oh yeah you. I can't believe it oh no no I mean all up oh now 80 who oh yeah nice nom they.

Stopped known that long 089 ok now, I'm i was nine when I was eight andthen at all what I'm still surviving wow this is a rental Oh yes thank you whatever your name is oh whoa there's a barrier.

As the edge there ha ho oh my gosh i am six Oh mining rights oh my goodness, No no way second stall and I could post no way no way oh my goodness oh yes yeah as, I am first all this feels amazing to feelabsolutely amazing Oh. After those many times of me failinggood corner finally tent then 98 and yes I'm so, big right now I'm loving it yes I'm the biggest of them all I'm going after this guy if I can thenbruh bra its lucky. So ulch ok I don't care I don't care that I'msecond but I got burst thank you thank you know number and, eatall of your essence yeah it's we got first no way I know I'm second now but this sliverEthan you donate – donate man you've actually done it. Boom okay if I run into somebody rightnow about many close calls but yes that yet that's not good. Big snow. Edges nearly run into thatperson but hey who Oh yo there's that guide all go his name is ok yes I don't I don't I don't care I don'tcare I got taken my final length was. First haha yeah it .