How do we do a place in fro with nothingI there's no snow there's no sound effects there's no music we just need, tobe didn't that's it sort of was that a beat ithink a beat his record is like recurring not just 170 slippery, I thinkit's gonna get ya come on this leave everything up p yep but because I mean you set me off hey this is a. This is slippery yo let medestroy them . I out to sha Qian jewel yeah, you know Charlene George to do thisis a we're going to be pickled penis penis I don't think it'll let us have thatname I my balls us obviously the best they could. Be this cactus nah another is what it changed to thisgame is hot and by home I mean, every YouTube has already done it. Was kind oflate to the game oh yeah and it comes out be even lateroh yeah so like AG re oh god do I guess. It got really like that idea I never played it child was itconsumption what is that would that the jeremy saidto his bits this is, the big dots make you longer yeah yeah all the dots make all that'slike a dead worm whoa thats that the ready is. That the reddit alien oh my god it's got right yeah get infront of it oh oh, I feel that all your day accidental murder yet ok so you try toyou try to kill people you can run into your son can run intoyourself it's a strategy. You a little, bit actually being over yourself it'skind of like that she know its strategy that's how the big worms can stay alivehuh because because they have to loop over themselves I'm in fact you, can also a worm will bethis one probably not be get very. Big at all you can boost oh fun told anyone you canboost also you also lose a length when youboost okay all right you want to try yeah justkeep. Swapping all right I'm just gonna see if I can get away with yes all right, you got it you got erectphallus look now now all you gotta do is you gotta takethat erect phallus put it on. The leaderboard oh holy night ILY nice kill up at himright up you are. One special essentially morerational no longer that was a that was in agility or crackoh yeah what's all this there's the wrongyou kill la kill, get it get it get the world oh you killed the red alien that wasincredible you read it that was. A brief butvery fulfilling existed in the most fulfilling thing in this game is to killdribble bod mark on. It ok it's good it's a good one surprisedthey got past the censors that's our as they let Bob more slidebut ma baghban mar, Sorry Sorry, oh I watched youclick and grab that my mask is going on the wrong screen hole oh yeah there we go there we go kill himkill it up that was. A motor boost murder is evenmore satisfying than just really being yeah kill it kill it early but that's mypeople how did you get those colors, andwhenever you get. Rewarded for like maybe have to have a funny name troubled dumpem all right that's a funny name and he just got purple huh you are you are Lord you are seducedby trommel dump your job here you go what., Is that look at it spitdeadly . but I'm honestly more hindered by just the browser its hey listen it'llbe your game when they release it on some sort of platform sega genesis hiccup oh that was. Quick sometimes they don't turn as quick asyou want him to know I'm freaked out with the mouth i freak. Out a lot yeah you freaked out and grab thingsthat aren't in the game, like game capture HD the minimize button oh god I was there for viewing my doesall over the place where you also boosting, with a click yeah I didn't know you could do thatnice you, killed that guy dead good to start small that was like yourmorning meal but break first i think they call, it yeah good morning meal brekkie in someplaces wreckers oh you almost lamp himself honestly a good tactic sometimes just tohang, out in the big one make yourself big to the plastic like a stretched outlike a wall with the wolf yeah oh nice cross went for. It nice girlhesitation so he had some of your guns but it'sokay God naba ban the, Cubs oh you think they just gonna mess withus and put like a Ryan's felt floating around like constellations that are realwith that. Mess with us but how did that happen oh you mean like in the form ofdots yeah yeah they could do that sure sure anything's possible about. Thisguy's trying and encompass me that'd be cool feat. That big enough andjust the artist big ones facing he's doing me quite well slurping up his poo all nice I was like a nice I. Was like he thatword didn't have much to live for he was also yellow I think he was just. Like the greatergood and just wanted to be hard to you that was me that was bullying yeahthat's fine you're a you're. A big bad bully warm true i'm playing solving just passivelyright now there's another. Other words and killing small words you're a man shall get brave enough alldo. You want to scrape up some of that oh absolutely i'm sure all i feltmyself get bigger that felt it dananana man all hell yeah although watch out damn um really demonstrates what. Music doesfor you, holy crap i owe take that for watchingother er watch it watch it while you're down you want to tell me killed I wasn't oh god I was interested guyit's okay you are slowly working your. Way up there. You get a big kill this is the biggestI've ever been you're over 2,000 feet nice 32,000 length. Is it 3,000 yet oh well that's still over 2,000 it'strue your statement let's go oh it was little no no no part of thescreen again ok is it recording my mouse. Freaking outlike it should be here probably played with two of two each other they bothboost and freak out yes . Oh. God you can cure like theexterminator oh god you just killed a bunch of pestsyeah no, it's because that way i like it w is all the red aliens back dude shot. All this free promofor read it who is i guess if the game was frontpage and read it like oh she read is, the reason this game is popular right now oh my god, what happened that i bought itno no get away from this bull a little worms will you youbetter you better fight an. Old whitey over there Papa white and gray I want too much withthat socket that was another yellow and that wasn't you look at, the same justdidn't know what I do worse yeah i bet this happen there's twoyellows on the on the board it looks like i am sure their way, by the being apussy right now you see that I i mean i, can help with the audience again I'm just gonna eat some of the species oh, god all my god oh do you want a call god keep going oh oh god I'm gonna do you get a meeting you keep going like around allgo for. It oh he's ed oh oh you got, out of it he got out ofhuh you can keep them trapped you'll neverget out son you can give you drag, it out all oh this isn't who's gonna crack first oh oh oh but I hope. You people aremaking circles like outside of you guys to that red Riley is gonna come for youpractice you just making this guy go to, circle what I'm gonna do is take in the circle- yeah are we got to, make it tighter die Jared man if he dies though you're gonnaget some videos of but it is clearly he is sweating mannarrowing it down a little. Bit this is so good he's going to eat it police this is nature we're watching nature. Happen right nowOh could be in the Amazon this is what words. Do to each other inthe wild ok that's it dude you realize the otherguys trapping you in right now all shake thank you guys that's what's happeninguh-huh he just SAT. There watched it but I gethim good forget him you've got, to get out now get out goright board Oh oh I get it pops Cal you up give a warm a bone was the efforts thatway once all god oh ok I immediately cabined it and, imoved the mouse on to another monitor . he love you dad. But he's to avenge hisfather well here oh he died he was agood dad that was he turned one step out thefront door . all, right I'm gonna go after this orangebrick he's got, to be could be one of them Ohtom mission accomplished out ah youreddit member i said something bull happens, in somebody lives atthat time I was the bull you sure what that guy slammed rightinto me and he died and i did your spirit you I'm worried at 3000 display size i was. 10, when the dog was singled in today yeah that was yeah that was it man i got big real fast red aliens like I used to be, that youkilled me opps always dangerous need to get out ofhere married a , little warming for meworms does that go yeah who's that girl who'sthat girl running around with you o them up, yum yum yum yummy mm all I'msorry did you do that because i have to call the credit it he went friend now. He's all oh that'slike two massive trucks oh dude I gotta watch this mouse makesure it doesn't, get away quick Don virgin Oh God equal that oh that was amazing get Brazil I can't I can't get him wow that was going somewhere all rightok chill. Out some of you think I little ditties and then you get to the otherend of them it's, gavin let him live love haha Gabby it tastes good comfortable man that I was fullyexpecting for him to kill an imperfect all right you're bigger than I was, allthere off it's like snake meets tron light by werecock like I've got fooled the system, he pulled the system doesn't say choose yeah sure choice Joint Chiefs don't callya'll eat ahh blah so scared being. Big so scaredyou're turning radius so slow you are in the day and design with Louie oh my god i thought. That was me Ohhappened I did that literally as i was going into one that's, too small and I hit it I didn't get a good. Reaction sorry fivehundred and I just red and black guy like John you're the third all right here we go. You have a legacyand take it over the legacy to live up to ok all my god for all god kill him killhim pip pap do it for your father just going to. Takeyour father's father miss one next woman hope he dies he's gonna get way, ahead ofyou very quickly oh well alright it's ok for yourfather's father and. Your father's father an entire generation that ended andbegan today all right that's good that's a good stopthat's a good swap oh there was a big ass guy. To your leftthere and yellow yep yob oh he's luring me on the inside all dude all banana my daughter on therude all get it go back go,.

Back the way you came theygot nicked all he's nick in it he's not gonna get that reddit alientennis up at the end of the video tennis Oh go gogo LOL you're going to, get is that if theyget that. Get the scrap suit I'm just saying this guy's turds andthen swim away he boosted a lot but he's got a lot of turds all right i'm already almost a thousandthis game is addictive it is not very, addictive all this game. Is an amazinggame for people that have real jobs yeah like for them to not do their jobyou know what you said at. An office and you got 5 10 minutes to kill all dayjust play this game forever god I can't believe i ed myselfthere drove in like. We can get what we ever been on the leaderboard not in thisvideo you do it oh I'll get. Him all that beautiful likeGod because you would have all all right about 3,000, chasing anybodybut I just hit you you just because done goofed you can't be driving that fast, yo oh I see Oh she'll Oh boost boost around and boxthem in oh god oh no I wasn't long enough no because you're shy and Matt out he'llget out I all I was thought that was, dangerous Ishould've read yeah you got to be careful if you're taking on America yeah. That's true I'm gonna make sure youhave the troops Union little the red red warm the fifth, grade 15 do you remember his name hip-hopscallywag there you go how can I forget I was the first and thesecond oh, go on oh hold on not quite a likingtowards him, but this look at this magenta looking motherer goingback on myself yeah this game needs music than an axmen an end a special i like it should it. Should kick in some sort of likehardcore rock when you boost like. You didn't do not that and then just cutback to like someone lying Tramp oh my god what have your eating a. Solar system what happened here you're good inside methat guy oh yeah sorry buddy you got nowhere togo now hope you enjoy living there because that's where.

You're gonna die Oh crush him crush america i'm not goodat this I'm gonna believe what no I can't I can't do I'm going to killmyself right. You will you will kill yourself, but you would have killedAmerica first pit ok all the pressures on oh ok oh you miss having a little prank get your pitching roster nobody getsKelly Pitts dude, all the fifth the fifth pitch always, poor wholecabin always you're gonna want to get through there that i'm impressed up I was a good i've done that i was goodthat was good as would i'm going. To try to get this I'll get that rainbow lookingmotherer he's gotta do. Bio oh god Gavin ah oh yeah in a loop of term that's whatwe call that all right it's a legitimate strategy or somebody set up to the, top all right yeah it was dead guts up there right it's going forit Oh might have been think i might, havebeen right now I've been ever possibly what are you almost 7,000 yeah six in a bit thousand look at this, do all these worms are , thirstylittle sin and that they want to kill you they're all looking at you I me up they want some of the right alsodid not you that red one. Don't know it's not don't boost into that it's just nearbyslugs just a little bit of that little bit of that just appetizers atappetizers. So Miss oh god oh get it get it . all Gavin. Get it all get andall and hole cut you out very cut your own hair but you had to take it this little pricks. Making me nervousthat he'll kill you that's gonna be the one to kill yup all right I'm eight big this is it Oh could, we see a leaderboard right here could, we indeed so I'm too big it's getting just hard toJesus get my head around quite literally sometimes bab. Good you can trap somebodythat you nice and red Oh looking real big just strongconfident it's literally your tactics to go on yourself yeah it's all you can do is it that wayyou're protected all that one, died it gets. The point where like the tinyones just turned into the salads that you don't really oh my ass close it it's not mine I think so Ithat's, you that you may you're in now boy who you're in the cage son he knows my, job he knows what's up andgot my prey dan it Bobby you, think he didn't know youkilled that guy just someone then killed you look at how quickly i'm closing it'slike a bloody small intestine and the large intestine now I'm the anus on comeon running out of. Space remember that hishead can boost into, me if it means to walk I all I remember don't hit him inthe side die oh there, he goes he's about to go divingno you're not going to get out he's not getting out all Gavin little grabby free died forall gonna watch out for these other wormies. Oh oh I don't leave i got toleave oh. You gotta get out of the book how tokill you yeah you gotta get the out of there man how you're funny wow youkilled that guy do it if blue. Breaks you gotta make a run on no you'regood. To do you're dead ah that is it pit-pat scallywag the fifthme too cruel fate I think the names of the. Best motherwhat you need i'll be annoyed of Charlie becomes the figures were given a jetfighter his word that that come, here you come here you fightme I can't even post up to him is everybody where are you worms a trail oh my god this is like the smallestwe've ever, been for the longest amount of time it's lonely out, there for a warm allthere's a little mini map in the bottom yeah this cloth doesn't tell you whereanybody is that just where you are yeah it does it I don't. Know why I don't know every justsaw, everything shipped as i was looking at once those are like the pixelsrearranging getting pretty lonely out here I'll tell you that hello following the World. Me trail wormsgame should be called the war mio not slippery up well you know what I'm your, snakebull you're a worm all right look at it how the isthis a snake looks like a god damn worm horse there's no way this is ain snake it. Looks like a. God damn work that guy's suicidal yeah he wantingdoing this like I thought I was gonna be a snake I didn't sign up for this killed himself come on Charlie there's no 10 marCharlie and. Martin hanging out with the guys actually named Martin is probablyisn't a joke or another that was named for a sitcom, ever Charlie. In March haha I Charles told youCarl call me Charlie ok sorry my there's adead work he was coming back for man get – all let's take that. Back Erica you're prettygreat but not in this instance all look at all that and, I'm looking like allthat's that's what George Washington was talking about but I'm going to take whatyou have bitch give me, that it's mine now you seeyou see this this is my land now genocide with the most boring color with the mostboring name this may be the best of my god so aredone down and see. When you get big enough you can just circle them entirelylike this motherer you're just gonna. Cook oh why blow bangheads I don't know this guy's. Trying to go to die you can both die yes that's happenedbefore but sometimes its total horse where you both smash into each other andone guy survived miraculously maybe if the bigger one down, and down and downand down and down and down and but little pub was like oh all you're, takingit you're taking em constrictor, I'm like a worm Oh constrictor allGermany but that's what you get if you did you get your mother I like you cansee the color of what the word used to be yeah that's cool his. Red light you get massive now thisis school we got it we got to. Get to the top of the leader up we'll never get to the top if we get, onthe leaderboards that because it would get the top yeah good to put this videoand disseminated but, all he almost got it himself I could use that one all that was huge now that I think I was it was thatlittle. Munchkin do that's got to be number three or number five that's got to be much kinder yup goodjob. This roof that's like a whole so for going on 11designs like five and doing to.

Kill yourself you fool god that's like barely what Iused for boosting no no we're good we're good oh and with a double turn over but hedidn't tricky. Didn't make it I'm fighting soundeffects the diner guy Oh God all green guy you already look ma do it. Imagine I'd kill myself and I'llget.

That one you didn't kill it ok oh yeah I do dude that's like greeninside red because i'm busy and we're consume them both gap will get biggerlook a little america is that their number one. I hate America yeah he was like the beginning of mysuccess this, is basically a snake found it on amap oh that up rainbow always get it damn it i was trying to call you can geta. Can't always liked budget . oh yeah, yes you're dead yes are most stronglyball okay – no no all got a lot of snakesfeasted on the rainbow rainbow all dude in America don't. Oh yeah Michael is tall guys stopbarging tins you were almost on the leaderboardcouple thousand more if I kill somebody on, the lead all is allowed that is loads you gotta watch firinginto a in this direction kill them are Charlie's gonna get on theboard you just Charlie might get on the. Boardhere i'll eat some of that Oh careful about oh yeah haha well over10,000 right 11 you, have one more good kill were, on theboard Charlie on Charlie the wormswhole little pictures and everything is 3 QT r did you trap and all that oneinside himself paper Oh Michael haha Jar Jar hey Jeremy where are you going to. Befriday jun 17 well I've got some ideas and one of themis. What's quite live 21 whoa it's coming back coming to you in at LosAngeles California tickets available now every the whole. Let's play family is going tobe there because there's like a billion of us now us, these guys oh and then there's more to my life go buy, tickets or I'll come to yourhouse and slit your throat while you're sleeping he'll do it .