Hey guys welcome back to my channel totell you today we are back in simple place and holy why are my eyes to squeeze together Idon't understand look at this guys look at this. Do you know what this is yes for itssimple planes everybody this is not slither . i. Own 3d ok but it istechnically well it's simple place but then again we got we got a slitheringsnake here i don't know–understand I'm not understand that it's early. In themorning for me so much I just squeeze together. I'm not tired at all but for some reasonmy eyes won't open can anybody tell me why this happens to me.

Why are my eyes not opening anyway wegot a slow this thing over here let's a throttle up hundred percent there you go nothing ishappening. Oh actually this thing rolls a littlebit it's actually, be really easy becauselook at those little wheels they're both so pretty small compared tothose big balls all we want their smoke so loud all right now we can use thethrottle to. Move the snake oh that is so cool wait we can do a 360 oh, wow oh wow wecan circle somebody in guys what am i. Doing that was disgusting so technically ifthere would be another snake over here I could circle them in this way thatthat post op it's going to explode if i do it too much right now.

Dry let's see we could drive circles. Look athis little eyes they're so dumb look it's working guys were rolling in acircle but how do people make, this in afreaking plane game I don't understand let's open it upthere you go but now it's take pump is going theother way make sure it doesn't explode well oh yeah buddy this legendary, snake isworking. I'm gonna try something guys I'm gonnatry something so this looks pretty standard ok it's just an average slither.. Yosi everybody loves slither blacks how awesome would it be if i could putsome wings on this snake and make it fly okay i suck at this game and I know thatbut i think i might be, able to do this I think I might be able to do this soone thing. I learned that this game is that you need to put the wings in themiddle now I think this this this object doesn't even have. A freaking middle butwe're gonna try it anyway yeah there.

We go we got two massivewings in the middle and now we need a lot of engines because. We need power ok power is key and since leather . iowe a simple planes I mean I'm. Not screwing this up already all right guys check this out theslither that I snow you know what the third that what why amI saying.

I'm losing my voice the slithered anosnake plane is ready that worked at work guys so I put fourwings on it and these two really weird horizontal, links to pretty big enginesand yeah I'm not sure it's going to work but i'm. Going to try it out anyway ok we're going forward that's a goodsign okay can we make this leather died, of snake fly don't stop well I mean he's flying but there's notmuch left of it some pieces are blowing up there. Ok Idon't know why but the wing is not working so it's not making me go up, isn't it isit is oh my god oh my god oh wow look at this that way when we're Smurfs the back ofmy horse back, my stake I think a part of my, snake broke offguys this means we're going in the water I'm not sure if the snake is used towater but we're going in the water Sun that we are well alright so i don't know why but. Thewings are not working the only. Thing we can really do about itis prayed and use this thing oh my god holding off that is so awesomehaha well you look, at this guy's I don't know why I'm doing this with mylife but this is pretty awesome that was pretty cool there's only thehead part lab. Right moving on from this litter . i hope lane we're going tocontrol something, that this creator called the most realistic plane insimple planes now to. Be honest the wings are pretty dang long but fromthat looks quite realistic in a way let's see we got to get this thing inthe air guys unlike this leather . I old plane which, totally was was a successwas a great success let's see if we can get this thing inthe air the most realistic simple plain however, I think, okay you guys wanna dosomething fun the isimple planes creators actually hitme up and they want to send me a 3d version of. A real simple playing planenow all you guys have to do is make a cool playing on simple ways and i willpick one out and said the two creators and they will 3d print it, and send it tome and i will show you. Guys in a video so if you got if you guys want your simple. Plain to be3d printed make one and put jelly on the tax of your plate pretty cool right I know so cool thisdisplay is pretty realistic let's, see if we can get the wheels up all right then we can get the wheels upbaby so this thing is actually really. Nice Ididn't know that this would be perfect but well it, is quite perfect wings evenlike move like a bird or something i don't really know what'sgoing on here but it works it flies and let's see, if we can crackthis thing in the volcano that's what i like to do with my plane skies sometimes it's the bridge sometimes it'sdifficult a no, okay here we go let's go down maybe let's go down yeah.

That was great landing oh god Ihate this game I am just kidding i love it holy cowguys do you know where I. Am do you know where I am him inside and a PhD from style-wiseeverybody check this out now it's not just an 8080. It can actually move okay okay look at this look at this I'mmoving the head right now as. We speak haha can we can we want right let's trythis out Oh God all my goodness. This is hard to controlok I don't know how this works. But I'm following the 8080 is going downeverybody okay how do I walk with this thing howdo i use the front legs I don't know success the cockpit crash look at this everything fell out. Subscribe coolthough so i'm not really sure I'm supposed to control this thing, I i onlyknow your back wheels I mean back legs they're not wheels butyou know i'm used to calling it wheels because it's a plane game you makeplanes in this, game but some people just like to create the craziest, ever it doesn't work it doesn't workout what you did awesome thing though holy moly moly what do we have. Here wehave the carrots but it's not just some normal carrot ok it's a rocket carrot a rocket. Sciencemake carrot and it's supposed to go 9000 well actually 9001 over 9,000 milesper hour that's right why did I just throw myhead set up my head I. Don't know why so. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to controlthis thing this out of the soul is so nice i love. It oh my god it actually flies through thisthing is amazing how do we make this is listen to this it sounds like you're epicness. To me why how does this even fly it actually worksI wonder what the g powers are on this thing man I don't think you will be surviving thiswell. We're going pretty fast hi doing clouds doing pretty good myselfthanks for asking a little you didn't ask, piece of well we're going to 6,000 miles per hour right now and we're not really gainingany sweet. So I'm not sure what the guy said with 9,000 but i'm going to take6000 ok july your little like piece of allright let's try let's try. To land this thing like really easily by powered up oh my, god oh my god oh my god oh my godand now and now go out go up god damn it holy that sound of the explosionthough that's. So cool let's try that again iwant to hear that explosion sound again that sounded like pure epicness, to meall right let's go through this ok we need to crash into somewherethough haha oh you see, that piece and a niceexplosion right, there I think we just broke this island Ithink we just moved a centimeter at least just a carrot in all of thathow awesome I know I know ok i'm not exactly sure what this. Issupposed to be but there's a flying hamburger in the air and its role leg it's rolling guys oh god it'sgonna explode I. Think I think it's going to explode noit's not so. We kind of have to spawn here there you go ok what's the, hamburgerdoing hamburger get over here back we can actually move it can't getover here where is it going you little where do you thinkyou're going hammer dad know that why am I, this thing why am I this catcha bottle I want to be the burger but the burger is gone great success oh my goodness, look atthis guy's it's a flying jelly gummy this is thisis awesome and why was I just inside the. Jelly gummy I want to be outside when I want. To lookat it I want to taste it at banteay is pretty. Nice so actually this is pretty cool he madethis this singlet and I don't know how you call that he made that, the mouth andthat's really cool design let's let's see if this thing canactually fly even does fly then that will be awesome and it slice holy it actually sliced look uplike a jelly. Gumby that's right oh, it's actually prettycomfortable to fly with can go to the left can we crash this thing in the bridgelet's see if we can crash the jelly gummy and to the bridge everybody intothe price we will go, the, voice cracks are real today the voice cracks arerelated because it's early in the morning ladies and gentlemen let's seeif we can take this. Bridge down with my jelly gummy plane here we go through 12 Kevin anything yes the bridge is goingdown Wow alright guys thank you so muchwatching the simpsons episode of you guys enjoyed. It click on the, like buttonall the slim with I 01 was definitely my favorite of this episode and yeah i'llget you guys next time .