Jenny was going on I literally circlingthis purple guy have you know god Jenna but just through this game oh there's a German 10 I killed about mygod haha structurally we gonna get out of here yes i willremember, you oh yes we're. Doing that's gonna let mecome to begin a journey come with me I'm not falling I'm falling you Joshspoken truthfully are you playing I, were playing a slight their wrongdoingslipper did your dad you don't be able to bethere oh my goodness i. Hate the guts out of here ok ashes i'm asking the bit of a douchebag I, got my gosh just like we gotta make sure that youdon't kill me you just keep traveling again yeah we're gonna be sorry please we are we going to get out the middlebecause that's where everybody. Oh gosh back back how is that my, fault you're locking meout a red jelly hey hey hey josh Josh too much foodcompany – no no follow majorly, this okay okay Josh I was pleased to help me outagain i will talk about this.

When you are I just got killed by the tiniest I will eat everything ok generate anyfinal email probably my god after this one minuteit's going down here wait there's a guy yeah all my couldthis this is. Our target ok jellies what does the Bromberg, tango come on Josh let's kill him let's killhim to get rolling are you close to his head yeah right next to it getting close allright he. Might try and in goldfish Kelly so you better be careful you know we like we like a bunch ofcoyotes hunting. Always going super fast I something that come on come on. Josh you got him on comeon Josh don't die my buddy don't mom we like coming your way hunting it oh my god he sees far away Oh. Judge I see you yeah yeah yeahs is it oh my god him if everything's. Doing hey hey hey hold it okay well you know ithought i'm sherry killing everyone ok I'll kill everyone for hearing well Josh this is it we're gonna be onthe top. Of the leaderboard working will anyone you left some things behind i'lltake that how big you know. I'm 1,700 and which one thousand it sounds big butit's not okay with pointing the way to become at least, thirty dollars theywitnessed, on the edge of the mat right now so we got a heading and hunt someother p.m. I think that's what this is q jelly butwe like to see the faster we, don't have that way it would be a good yes oh my goodness yeah look at whatyour way so you do it yeah you you look like. Five per secondor so this is me puse is Keith taking out yeah man we're just, gonna circle aroundto people and. Kill him yeah we're gonna head in the now andthen find someone on the end was by far we've got enough dying. In the middle haha I think I'm falling asleep we don'tsee anyone oh it's a rainbow always follow joshwe're gonna get him. On the right side of cable I'm all right we're gonna gonnahate this we're like jet fighters would like twopieces. Of bread and he's the feeling he's the jelly or see I'm is very longactually hold on my grizzy wait where is he is he's circling. Us are Josh I don'tknow i don't think so no I don't think so he's circling you oh my god I. Nearly gothim come on don't know Josh I don't see anything right now maybe go to Delhi didyou guys, get turned around and he turned around you got it all here is seriousserious serious come on come on come on come on we gotthis no John it lacked for. Me but now Josh a, guy while he's gonna circle mehe's going to check on me he was I got him I got him. I got himcome on Jack where you are coming all right come to the left right now yoI'm 5,000 6,000 holy slow down look at me holy crap that you arehumongous that I know, right it's pretty nice thank you think you'vebeen doing with my dad pieces that I, ate them all should we go hunting, we're gonna gohunting ok we're on the very far left of the map yeah let's go back to the middle Josh. It's the rainbow a rainbow colorguy we're gonna go to a local history I willtry no way actually you kind of dangers overthere yeah because quite long. While getting some room okay i'll give himsome room ok thank you thank you are so kind jellywelcome and thank you.

Allah ya hello I'm gonna just stop now stop by, ohmy god i was going to kill him I don't care about my length here buddyyou should kill a man this is what this one's yours. Is my hunt you're gonna killhim the hunters because I'm gonna kill this one's yours buddy working that. Well I did we working oh mygod no no no Circle madam way too short for the wholemy god yeah and I'm another base load you don't worry I got you what do i do, we pick my circle in. Themiddle of the room Josh you got to get out of here allstruggling you circled it get out get out yeah , Josh I want you elegant Ireally there i mean you know your pussy haha Josh your eyes pet hey Devin look at me we look like like like likefood a bit on all, right Josh you ate all my yeah but then you gotta get. Meall the stuff the ua of me yeah yeah yes whatever makes it okay right. Nohe's just cute yourself again I did ya don't let me it's a tired oflife Josh and understand some people I know ok Josh Kelly Kelly. Yeah yeah yeahskilled me you know why don't you give me that food where, do we go where do we go we gotsome more stuff up here we got to get me big okay. And you're in a big guy so I'mreally a little baby and you. Can kill the big final hours and now by the wayout of 20 points I'd time to circle him hit I'm really uncle josh Josh.

Can I stop atthe game that's it it's like very seriously andhighland it's like love with. The guy who moved on with my god i love talking tothat guy really gets my god you are mean I'm gonna win them you could do itreally you can't do it you can't do it. Jen oh my god it is so hard it. Is sorry the guy keeps getting away oh yeahI got to hear this though don't worry about it chuckles no gangster don't worry Julie Corey all he weren'tyou wearing that outfit Edom, and then give me the food I killedit Jenny I just killed a. Humongous guy come on Josh give me the food i shorejersey shore oh, my god – – oh my god oh my god howmany 10k what what what what are you up I'm doingonly 10k and nearly ten. Just your place on the leaderboard home Josh I am your mother i'm slowly. I needto get there I don't need to talk to me mole I'mgoing to encircle oh this is gonna be local militias love and encircled love give me a long. Trip where you are I'mmiddle of the left, in the middle ok I middle of the left in the middleand then up a bit I'm coming and I'm encircling laws tohis death maybe you can get big. Of this guy okayis he big he's he's pretty big like I'm like athousand well yeah this guy's at least 2,000 may be okay okay okay I'm coming, josh Josh Josh to see you but where areyou I'm like below you your. longer you're the one part of me again hey yes hey do you know you're not, badyou're not but I'm not bad right i did this on my own incorrect you know you did it you tryingto discredit my achievements yes i. Am a little bit of you, okay well I'm ate some of theleaderboard okay we need to get all right bigger we need to get you to number one and meto number to go to be careful on the other.

Way around all we gotta be carefuli go into the middle kids you know bad yeah. We're in the middle we shouldbattle up like again, we should do that again I will win the next battle to findsomeone and then circle would like to thank ya it just, works so well at the way thisgoes like behind us well I don't see anywhere you go herebut we are getting close to the middle yeah and it's okay yeah we gotta watchout here plus. I'm like right next to you so anybody can kill. Me right away yeah so try and circle these old man this ischarges understand that he's working he's got after i got dirt like a superguy died next to me over here, i'm just eating him welcome to, the baton to the circle anddodge did you circle someone again I'm circle to, little tiny guy who's thisnoob and her that I'm gonna start of a look I'm going to look I'm slowly put it inya laughs you'd ideally i was looking at yeah I died. – oh my god are you seriousi can't believe i just done, oh my god did we just lose all that yesthis game and this game with you, I don't know yet my tail I think you popoh yes we're back the way we meet again gasps guys below us okay yeah let's go and kill him and then wego with you is ok, yeah all right this is our final, attempt our final yeahI need to be on the leaderboards you have been on them now. I need to be onthem right I'm like a deal yeah although I everything I'm just happylike the the fighter jet where, are we going to be a fighter jet Idon't know you they might have just died I don't know paid listen there's someevidence the stuff doing right there it's the remains oh yeah i do that it, looks like a snake follow they remainthat's the best thing to do I love following some remains I cancircle you, by the way would you like some of that no you sure belly jelly jelly, jelly it ok yeah I'm not gonna circle you Ipromise ok it's going to joke about circlingyeah. You're so small it's just funny to do that stuff below us as well I where Ithink so people are, everywhere all right there's some green guy hereyeah kind of a little bit bigger than you but we could matter you can do itwith me. So well how big are you now he just left he's at my tail now butfull rainbow guy Josh. Easy anybody know we're gonna hit I'm not really oh wow he's. Big he is I'msure we're gonna have a choice stop we're gonna go just stop and eathim I wonder, what his name is what helps them on his head oh my god is big we can do this hope. I think he'scircling himself can use he's right there Jenny god I've got ohgod oh really good luck you're racing Racing. Racingthey come on come on this it's a model it's impossible i'm sorryJosh he's got so much as a neat, oh yeah on the other side of him jelly ihate to see you get here yes so much . that I can't outrun him. He's the bordermade here's the boy I gotta try to open the downloaded on crash ok but want to get him fired again himJenny do you know. Why he's freaking circled me unbelievable hey Julie josh Josh look atus away today. Ok there's no messing about right nowthere's a, guy okay all right I'm gonna take him down we ok we will take him down will befirst place both of us right sounds good what do, youthink jelly this key way of what was cool Barry slither slime but. Just I don'tknow about this game is called you tell me to the slider or slither I don't knowhow about how about the comments to spell it for you oh yeah comments please, sit right nowbut spelled and pronounced animation comments please pronounce it properly I was like that. Yeah I rate this game 10out of 10 I gym I. This is is you really like this but ilove this forgot about her you oh my let's compareto a guard yo a guardian or this alright this that is this is all rightyeah, snake and also i want to know what likewhat everyone, watching things like yeah for this we need to like do you enjoyslither yeah there we go yeah that's.

Pretty goodwe're sure all right – so that guy circle ok yeah he's not going alone we're notgoing to get, out you're not gonna get out i'm gonna go i'm already big enoughand circling getting weak you know i have oh come on come on Josh Duggarlet's die, I escaped I was going ok ok ok purpleguy is escaping as well that is a, bad news it's fine it's fine it's vital we willget over it ok we'll. Get it over with don't let youkeep heading down here all right i'm gonna host little flute Idon't know how long they offer i'm at his tail you might be turning.

Around thecity to turn around turn around you suck them a bit no there's purplehere is a green here. There's a massive purple guy you got Josh we are headingto the middle over here all night 91 are clearly very low but, I'm it's betterthan nothing you know right we, got to stay a little bit of on the edge becauseit's just way too crowded all I want this blue good day they're like a smallguy with your hand . will kill us and then there, was the back, are you serious tosh.comedy that justhappen oh well then that was that Jenny what's going on I i was literallycircling this purple guy and i have no clue out never mind he died he died ok yeah itwas hilarious, he's great .